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ASCII Characters in Database

  • American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  • Computer can understand only numbers.
  • ASCII is the numeric representation of a character.
SELECT CHAR(Expression)
              A string function that converts an int ASCII code to a character.
Return type is CHAR.
     Expression is integer value i.e. range from 0 to 255


SELECT CHAR(97) AS [ASCII Character of Number 97]
SELECT ASCII('a')  AS [ASCII Number of  Character a]

SELECT CHAR(65) AS [ASCII Character of Number 67]
SELECT ASCII('A') AS [ASCII Number of  Character A]

ASCII Values:
1) Characters Set 0-31
        First 32 Characters in the ASCII table are unprintable.
2) Characters Set 32-127
        Characters from 32-127 are common for all which represent letters, digits, punctuation marks & miscellaneous symbols.
3) Character Set 128-255
         Characters from 128-255 contains the Microsoft Latin-1 extended characters.

--Example to display All Number & ASCII characters
;WITH AllNumbers AS
SELECT 0 AS First_No
            UNION ALL
            SELECT First_No+1
            FROM AllNumbers
            WHERE First_No<255
SELECT First_No as [Numbers],
               CHAR(First_No) as [ASCII Value]
FROM AllNumbers
              OPTION (MAXRECURSION 255)

Syntax in Oracle
           CHR(expression [using NCHAR_CS])
Syntax in IBM DB2, Sybase