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             When request is received from the browser, it is routed to URL routing module object which transfers request to MVCHttpHandler.
              MVCHttpHandler is responsible to map incoming request with controller, action & parameter to action if any.
              Route table gets created in global.asax
              Route table is created during Application_Start event.
Route function in Global.asax
                  URL pattern consists of literal & placeholders where placeholders are separated by ' / ' & defined by { placeholder name }

           1)  www.myweb.com/products/show/computer
                         This process  works like dictionary where key are placeholder names.
             Here keys are {controller} / {action} / {id}
                      values are product / show / computer

           2) http://localhost/home/index 
              We are targeting home controller & index action.
               This is defined by adding an entry into the 'routes' collection using 'MapRoute' function
  • ASP.NET MVC uses System.Web.Routing facility to give us clean URL.
  • Syntax
                routes.MapRoute(string name, string url, object default)