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What is Data?

  • Data means collection of row information. It is formatted in a special way. All software are divided into two parts as
           1. Data
                       Data can exist in a variety of forms -for example numbers, text.
           2. Programs 
                      Set of Instructions called as "Programs".
                      Programs are stored in special files.
                      There are collections of instructions for manipulating data.
                      Program executed by computer in binary machine code.
  • Example :  Consider a class contain students with following information  like Id, Name, Age, Degree
                          1)    Rupesh    24     M.Sc.(Computer Science)
                          2)    Ajit           23     M.Sc.(Computer Science)
                          3)    Vaibhav   24    B.E.(Mech)
           To store this information we use Excel or word document.